With uncluttered lines and wide open living series, the Byland 224 offers the perfect combination of style and relaxation.

Enter this family home and straight away you’ll notice at the far end of the home, sliding doors inviting the outside in, enticing you to discover further.

Just like the Byland 224, the Byland 225 is a home full of wide open spaces and the comfort for all the family. With an extra 25 sqm2, there is just that little bit more to enjoy.

The family will love this open space plan which is built around the heart of the home (kitchen), this space is perfect place to catch up and enjoy a family meal together.

Specifications- Byland 224               Specifications- Byland 250

Living               176.0 sqm                     Living                 190.8 sqm

Garage            36.1 sqm                       Garage               39.2 sqm

Alfresco          11.5 sqm                       Alfresco             17.2 sqm

Porch              1.0 sqm                        Porch                  3.2 sqm

Total                224.6 sqm                  Total                   250.4 sqm









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