At BT Homes we don’t just want to build your house. We strive to work with you in creating a home. We want to make this experience one you will remember for many years to come.

Better designs

We have an extensive range of designs for you to choose from. All our homes are professionally designed to be functional, comfortable and stylish.

Better service

At BT Homes we are focused on providing you with the best possible service. BT Homes provides a very personalised service with after hours and weekend appointments available. Bt Homes will see your project through from concept to completion. You will be provided with regular updates on your building process and ensure you will always feel informed and supported. We provide you with an in-house design consultant to assist you with selecting all the elements of your new home.

Better prices

At BT Homes we are committed to giving you the best price possible. We believe, as builders, we need to provide our clients with quotes that are as true and accurate as possible with no surprises. That’s why we take the time to provide in-depth and concise quotations so we can give our best price possible. We believe no one should invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on a two page quotation, with BT homes every room is explained, all finishes, products, inclusions and exclusions are in plain English –Our contracts are fixed price.

Better quality

Not only do we use quality designs, quality products and quality tradesmen we also use various quality processes to ensure the construction runs smoothly. After signing a contract with us a Design Consultant will meet with you so that we can assist you with your design selections and record everything in detail that you want in your new home. This information is then used to develop detailed information for our tradesmen. These trades’ packs are then given to the tradesmen so that they know exactly how to build your dream home. We use these types of systems to ensure the quality of your house is of the highest standard, making a stress and error free experience.

Better to be local

BT Homes is a local builder using only local trades and services, this ensures that we are using services that we know and trust. Being local also helps ensure your money stays in the community and makes maintenance and warranty work a breeze.

Better completion times

Due to the quality construction processes we employ, we are able to ensure quicker completion rates. Our skilled and qualified staff including the in- house drafting enables us to get necessary planning work done quicker ensuring that our projects are started at the earliest possible time

Our main aim is to get you in your new home faster with a stress free progress.